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Christian Mindfulness Research Study

Sponsored by Azusa Pacific University’s Center for Vocational Ministry

Mindfulness can be defined as a meditative practice that has been shown to be effective in reducing stress.

What’s the Commitment?

For this research, you will be asked to rate yourself on two scales assessing levels of burnout you experience as well as attainment of Christian mindfulness skills.

You are also asked to participate in a six-week podcast/MP3 based mindfulness training, which can be helpful in reducing burnout in your life, which will be delivered to you via email.

  • You will be randomly selected to begin the training immediately or to wait for 4 weeks before you begin so that we can have a good comparison.
  • You can listen and follow the podcast wherever you choose and at times that are most convenient for you.
  • Each podcast module is approximately 20-30 minutes long and you will be asked to listen to the content twice a week for 6 weeks.
  • You may find that the content is a relaxing and enjoyable experience, and again, has been shown to be effective in reducing burnout.
Your answers on the survey questions may become a part of this research, and we are very grateful for your participation.
There will be no physical risks at any time.
There are no emotional risks to you in participating in this research.
You can stop the training at any time and choose not to answer any question.


We pay you! As a thank you for your time and participation, we’ll give each participant a $30 gift card to Amazon or Target at week 6 of this study.

What else do I need to know?

All communication will be done via email to deliver all the modules.
Your participation is completely voluntary. 
Research Leaders

Meet the Team

Regina Chow Trammel, PhD, LCSW

Regina Chow Trammel, PhD, LCSW

Primary Investigator

Chris Adams, PhD

Chris Adams, PhD

Primary Investigator

Ryan McCune

Ryan McCune

Research Assistant

Usually, this kind of mindfulness training is fee-based, but you will receive these MP3 files and podcast links free as a participant in the study.

To participate, please fill out this form and our team will reach out to you for next steps:

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